Montezuma Veterinary Services

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Our staff at Montezuma Vet understands how very distressing it can be when one of your pet companions is unwell. It is important that both pet and owner feel comfortable, understood, and well taken care of in the veterinary setting. MVS staff thrives to provide your animal with the appropriate amount of compassion, kindness, and attentiveness that they deserve.

At Montezuma Veterinary Services, we have formulated a wonderful and caring staff to better help you and your pet's experience with us.


Heather Piper 

Heather has been in the veterinary field for almost 24 years. She spends her time balancing the duties of practice manager and lead receptionist at Montezuma Vet. Heather provides extraordinary communication skills and loves what she does. She says her favorite part of the job is, "when the clients truly become your family!" When Heather is home, she spends time with her 2 horses, 1 pig, 4 rescue dogs, and 2 barn cats!

Jessika W.

Jessika started at entry level at Montezuma Vet, where she has learned, and is still learning everyday, how to be the best receptionist she can be. Dr. Holcomb and Heather have taken the time over the last 2 years to teach Jessika the skills of how to provide kind, respectful, and patient assistance to all of our clients and their furry companions. Jessika is very grateful that MVS has given her the opportunity to become a part of our veterinary team and hopes to remain in the field for many years to come. She recently moved to the Camp Verde area and says she loves the people and the "homey" environment that Camp Verde provides.


Amber Hoagland

Amber Hoagland has been a valuable employee to MVS for 3 years and counting and has been involved in the veterinary discipline for almost 9 years. Amber also has a long history with Dr. Holcomb as they worked together at the Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff, AZ. Amber has a Bachelor's degree in science from University of Utah. She specializes in analytical chemistry which is an invaluable skill in our clinic and is helpful in everyday practice. Amber believes that the most important part of her job is to help increase the quality of a pet's life when they are terminal, or going through a particularly strenuous illness. Amber enjoys hiking in the Flagstaff mountains with her furry friends in her spare time.


Melinda Sypherd

Melinda Sypherd is another valuable asset to our team at MVS. Melinda originally worked for Dr. Holcomb from 2013 - 2016. After taking a short break, she returned to us recently and "feels like she is back with her family." Melinda has many years of experience being a vet tech, having started her career in 1999. She has had years of hands-on training with five of those years being Arizona certified as a technician. Melinda enjoys getting to be a part of a pet's healthcare from puppy to senior, or kitten to elderly cat. In her spare time, Melinda spends her days riding horses and she helps foster cats and dogs in temporary need of a home.


Karissa Vohland

Karissa Vohland has been a veterinary technician for MVS for 1.5 years. Karissa has been an animal lover since before she could walk; when she was a child, her parents had to pat her down to make sure she wasn't bringing in lizards or squirrels into the home! She has been in the veterinary profession for over 2 years and plans to move up in the business. She spends most of her days with animals, whether it be at the clinic helping animals, at home snuggling with her own pets, or in the field riding and training horses.


Tricia French

Tricia has worked for MVS since 2015. Prior to working for Montezuma Vet, Tricia had worked in the human medical field, however she felt that participating in veterinary medicine would better fulfill her passion for animals. Tricia is currently partaking in classes through Penn Foster University to become an Arizona Certified Veterinary Technician to increase her knowledge and experience in the veterinary field. Tricia enjoys assisting in dental procedures and feels it has been her calling since starting her career with MVS. In addition to dental work, Tricia also offers canine physical therapy sessions for dogs who have undergone intensive orthopedic surgeries. When she is not at work, Tricia spends most of her days pet sitting for some of our clients and doing agility training with her dog, Ziva.

Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas has worked for Montezuma Vet for 4 years and has been a great asset to our team as a veterinary technician. Kelly truly has a sincere love for animals and provides services in many ways. Like Tricia, Kelly is also currently taking classes through Penn Foster University and is very excited to expand her understanding of veterinary medicine and practice. Before Kelly started as a technician for Dr. Holcomb, she owned a traditional boarding facility with kennels and has since remodeled her home into Lazy Leash Ranch - a free-range boarding establishment where dogs are free to roam the yard without kennels or restrictions. Kelly has established a great clientele, many of whom are patients of Montezuma Vet!  

Kennel and Boarding Assistant

Zoe Collins is our primary boarding facilitator here at Montezuma Vet and predominantly spends her time at the clinic attending to the needs of our boarding patients. She takes our boarders on walks three times a day, feeds them, plays with them, and makes sure their bedding and kennels are cleaned daily. In addition to boarding, Zoe also helps assists vet technicians with miscellaneous favors like holding animals during blood draws, nail trims, and ultrasounds. When she is not at MVS, she can be found spending most of her time helping Kelly at Lazy Leash Ranch, the free-range boarding center for dogs. Zoe has a special love for all animals and their people.