Montezuma Veterinary Services

298 W. General Crook Tr.
Camp Verde, AZ 86322




Montezuma Veterinary Services was destroyed in a devastating fire on July 25th, 2019. We remain strong and hopeful, and will persevere to make the greatest of this situation that we can. The investigation is still ongoing, and we are unsure of the cause at this time.
We are at a new location and are able to provide small services such as wellness exams, vaccines, medication injections, blood work etc. At this time we are able to provide most diagnostic services as well, including radiology and ultrasound. We are working on a remodel at our new building to provide a surgery suite and will keep our clients updated on our progress. Our hope is to be fully functioning by the beginning of the year. Our new address is 298 W. General Crook Trail, Camp Verde, AZ 86322.
We were able to access our patient/client records and are continuing services with our regular phone number 928-567-5515.
If you are in need of a prescription refill or have any other questions about your pet, please feel free to contact us!


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