Montezuma Veterinary Services

298 W. General Crook Tr.
Camp Verde, AZ 86322


Our staff at Montezuma Vet understands how very distressing it can be when one of your pet companions is unwell. It is important that both pet and owner feel comfortable, understood, and well taken care of in the veterinary setting. MVS staff thrives to provide your animal with the appropriate amount of compassion, kindness, and attentiveness that they deserve.

At Montezuma Veterinary Services, we have a wonderful and caring staff to better help you and your pet's experience with us.


Heather Piper

Heather has been in the veterinary field for almost 27 years. Heather was born and raised in Camp Verde and has been with Montezuma Vet since January 2015 and is our practice manager and lead receptionist. Heather provides outstanding communication skills and loves what she does. Heather has twin boys and she spends most of her time at home with her husband- they have 2 mini-horses, 3 Australian Shepherds, and 2 barn cats. She says her favorite part of the job is, "when the clients truly become your family!"


Jessika Warburton

Jessika started at entry level at Montezuma Vet in July 2015. She is a full time veterinary technician. Jessika's favorite part of her job is making sure to incorporate the necessary skills on providing kind, respectful, and patient assistance to all of our clients and their furry companions every day. Jessika says she is very grateful that MVS has given her the opportunity to become a part of our growing team and hopes to remain in the field for a long time! She recently moved to Camp Verde and says she loves the people and the "homey" environment that Camp Verde has. She spends her spare time reading, scuba diving, and raising her three children- Jacelyn, Reese, and Avery.

Karissa Vohland

Karissa has been with Montezuma Vet for almost five years. She took a break in 2017 to do some traveling with her husband, but returned within a year to continue her work in the veterinary field. She has a lot of hands-on experience with animals, having worked with both equine and small animal veterinarians. She has had a love for small animals since she was a small child- her parents say that she used to always have small animals hidden in her pockets when she came home! She now has a small farm at her house, here in Camp Verde, including- ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, fish, rabbits, dogs, and cats.


Brittany Sanchez

Brittany started at Montezuma Vet in April 2019. She is our kennel assistant. She comes from a background of working with children, and her experience helped her transition easily into working with animals. She brings a smile into work every day and always has something positive to say! Brittany enjoys singing and playing musical instruments.